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A guide: Creative climate justice in Norway

Get involved! Rosendal Teater and Klimakultur with an introductory guide on creative climate justice in a Norwegian context.

Read the guide in English here (pdf)

Read the guide in Norwegian here (pdf)

Klimakultur and Rosendal Teater have come together to produce this introductory piece that calls on the Norwegian cultural sector to take on a leading role in engaging the public, cultural workers and decision-makers in the ongoing climate and nature crisis.

The guide contains 13 different texts and contributions:

1 About this guide, by Alexander Roberts, Rosendal Teater.

2 Culture and systems change, by Julie Forchhammer, Klimakultur.

3 What is climate justice? By Farah Ahmed, Julie's Bicycle.

4 Culture and climate calculators, by Erlend Eggen, Klimakultur.

5 This is climate justice for me, by Irene Kinunda Afriyie.

6. Excerpt from "My Climate Account", by Anja Bakken Riise, Framtiden i Våre Hender (Future in our hands).

7. Excerpt from Vanessa Nakates opening speech at the NORAD Conference 2023.

8. On art and nature, by Elle Some Sara, Sámi choreographer and director.

9. Is Norwegian oil policy racist? By Jeremy Williams, author and The Earthbound Report.

10. About Equinor. Excerpt from "A Climate Book You Can Bear to Read" by Hauk Are Fjeld, Julie Marie Følstad and Julie Malene Fusdahl.

11. Mobilization against Equinor and Rosebank, by Erlend Eggen, Klimakultur.

12. Counting on culture, how to stop financing the climate crisis (report from Julie's Bicycle).

13. The way forward: International examples and the road map from Culture Takes Action framework by Bridget McKenzie.


Publisher: Rosendal Teater

Year of publication: 2023

Supported by Fritt Ord and the "Kulturelt Drivhus"-project from the Arts Council Norway.


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