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Skrevet 18. June 2024

The conversation with Gunjan Nanda, Kirsten Wessel and Samuel Rubin, co-founders of the Entertainment + Culture Pavilion is now available on YouTube.

How can the culture sector in Norway - and the rest of the Nordics, engage with the global movement for culture based climate action?

Gunjan Nandan, Kirsten Wessel and Samuel Rubin are three of the co-founders of the Entertainment + Culture Pavilion, who at the COP28 in Dubai co-hosted 126 events with over 300 speakers. The pavilion brought together a collective of voices for culture based climate action and built a coalition of more than 175 partners from 66 countries.

In this conversation Gunjan, Kirsten and Samuel talked about their efforts to build an interdisciplinary cultural coalition and secure inclusion, especially of marginalized voices from differently abled, youth, women and the Global South. 

They also explored the topic of how Norwegian and Nordic artists, culture workers, organisations, frontline storytellers, funders and decision makers can engage with the fast growing global ecosystem for culture based climate action. 



Read more about the E+C Pavilion at COP28 in the report Mind The Culture Gap - How Cultural Heritage, Entertainment + Storytelling are Igniting Climate Action.

The E+C Pavilion are currently working to engage with wider audiences and are planning new events across conferences and gatherings worldwide.  

The conversation was hosted by Julie Forchhammer, co-founder of the Norwegian non-profit Klimakultur.


Gunjan Nanda is the co-founder of Dubai Climate Collective and the Entertainment + Culture Foundation, and a dynamic community facilitator. With a foundation in fashion design and global governance, she’s a catalyst in climate action and cultural initiatives, notably through the first ever Entertainment + Culture pavilion at COP28, Dubai. Outside her professional sphere, Gunjan is an avid reader of mystery novels, enjoys crafting short-verse poetry, and is constantly seeking unique coffee experiences. An enthusiastic stationery collector and budding vinyl enthusiast, she prefers tranquil beach walks over gym escapades. Gunjan is dedicated to connecting with innovative minds in the climate and social impact arenas.

Kirsten Wessel is an impact-driven communications and production specialist with a versatile portfolio encompassing a wide range of formats. Having started her career in aerospace, her experience extends across both the nonprofit and private sectors, as well as global institutions. Her work is centered around leveraging storytelling and media to drive positive change and promote sustainability on a global scale. As the co-founder of both Sauntr and the Entertainment + Culture Pavilion, Kirsten combines her passion for environmental conservation with her expertise in communication and production. She has experience producing videos and films including "New Zero World," "Hermit in the Cordillera," "Activistas," and "Barrabas." Through her multifaceted career, Kirsten remains dedicated to amplifying significant voices and stories, contributing her skills to meaningful and impactful productions.

Samuel Rubin, born and raised in Barcelona, is a social impact practitioner, climate storyteller, and grassroots activist. With a degree in Film and Television from UCLA, Samuel's journey in film producing began with his award-winning documentary "Colis Suspect" (2017), delving into border security issues. He co-founded YEA! Impact, where he oversaw impact campaigns like “Can You Hear Us?”, for “I Am Greta”, which won the Best Impact Campaign Award at Jackson Wild in 2022. He also co-founded the Hollywood Climate Summit and the Entertainment + Culture Pavilion at COP28. Currently, Samuel consults for cultural institutions and is a member of the Entertainment and Culture for Climate Action (ECCA) UNFCCC initiative. He has been recognized by Grist 50 Fixers and Forbes for his contributions to climate action in Hollywood.

Julie Forchhammer is the co-founder of non-profit Klimakultur who guides the Norwegian culture sector on climate justice and how to take action on climate change. She is an alumna of the Creative Climate Leadership programme by UK non-profit Julie's Bicycle. Forchammer lives in the mountains in Vang in Valdres. Her previous jobs include: festival manager Vinjerock, environmental manager at Øyafestivalen and advisor and board member for The Rainforest Foundation Norway. 




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